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iLYFTED is a top cannabis store in Studio City, CA. We offer a wide selection of high-quality flower, edibles, prerolls, concentrates, topicals, capsules, vapes, cartridges, tinctures, accessories and many other types of cannabis products. We have both in-dispensary and delivery services available. Our friendly and knowledgeable budtenders are always here to assist you in finding the product that is best for you.

Studio City cannabis store provides a variety of recreational marijuana products.

iLYFTED Studio City Reviews

  • Snow 1118 Avatar
    Snow 1118
    5/01/2023 - Google

    Simply the best 🙏🏼. Thank you for always greeting me with a smile and for asking how I am doing, how I am feeling… thank you for caring and working hard to maintain a healthy work environment, at least that’s what I percibe every-time I walk in to the shop, as gives the customers confidence that you guys know what you’re doing. The products are top quality and all I have to say is thank you and a 10 star review 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    Sweet T Avatar
    Sweet T
    1/24/2023 - Google

    Aunie helped me. Great selection, great deals. Wide variety, and great products and brands. Easy to get in and out of. Nice area.

    Cameron Griggs-Posey Avatar
    Cameron Griggs-Posey
    1/20/2023 - Google

    Forget about Sweet Flower, iLyfted is 10x better than any dispensary I’ve been to in studio city. The everyday deals and customer service are AMAZING. The workers are knowledgeable and can always answer my questions. Can’t recommend this place enough.

    Ben Ronne Avatar
    Ben Ronne
    11/23/2022 - Google

    Super clean and nice. The staff was helpful and knowledgeable. Good deals too. Legit spot.

    Markita Rozay Avatar
    Markita Rozay
    10/30/2022 - Google

    Everytime I come to California I always go to this same exact dispensary! iLyfted has the best selection & the best prices!!! I would recommend that everyone come here for all their medicinal needs!!! My fave product to get is a HEAVY HITTERS cartridge.

    Aaron Z Avatar
    Aaron Z
    9/13/2022 - Google

    Great shop with a great staff!
    Definitely my go-to shop when I need to pick up. From the moment you walk in the staff is friendly and super helpful. They have a wide selection of quality of herb, great deals throughout the week, and their great customer service will make sure you're leaving happy and with exactly what you need.

    This is Cinema Avatar
    This is Cinema
    9/06/2022 - Google

    Been coming to iLyfted for year and always get great service and that still is the case cause today Mason helped me and gave me a great deal and attended to all my questions. Not only am I getting great deals but also getting some of the best service I’ve had in the Valley.

    Briana Swails Avatar
    Briana Swails
    8/31/2022 - Google

    I discovered this place today, and I have to say… I have now found my new go-to dispensary! Audrey was so friendly and knowledgeable about all of the products. She was very helpful and got me just what I was looking for. The prices are fair and very good quality items. I’ll be back soon 🙂

    Kayden Jade Avatar
    Kayden Jade
    8/10/2022 - Google

    I don’t smoke but my boyfriend does and he loves this place. They always hook him up and everyone is super friendly. Great atmosphere every time we come here

    Alex Vincent Avatar
    Alex Vincent
    8/03/2022 - Google

    Sevag was awesome, and the store is simply amazing. Deals all the time and dank strains. No complaints at all. 10/10 flower & service

    Ryan Winston Avatar
    Ryan Winston
    6/20/2022 - Google

    Walked in today after coming here multiple times. Today mason helped me with the swiftness and was very informative. Best tree is in the valley.

    Michael Edwards Avatar
    Michael Edwards
    6/14/2022 - Google

    ILyfted is amazing! They’re always trying to see what better deal they can get you as a customer! Natalie is awesome. Super personable and funny!

    Brad Ashten Avatar
    Brad Ashten
    5/24/2022 - Google


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    She Rocks!

    Salvador Morales Avatar
    Salvador Morales
    5/21/2022 - Google

    One of the best dispensaries I've visited with and continue going to. Top notch products, absolutely amazing deals, and caring staff always available to assist you. Definitely recommend everyone to come in to this dispensary and their sister locations!

    Katherine Tzianabos Avatar
    Katherine Tzianabos
    5/20/2022 - Google

    Impeccable customer service. I told Brandon that I have terrible anxiety and needed something for it, so he went above and beyond to make sure I get what I’m looking for to help. Only come here, absolutely love this place

  • Sofia Marroquin Avatar
    Sofia Marroquin
    5/19/2022 - Google

    Best shop I’ve been to in a long time! Tony & Mason are the best - super friendly and extremely helpful! I definitely highly recommend this place!

    Laura Perez Avatar
    Laura Perez
    5/15/2022 - Google

    I was there for the first time Friday and I was happy to find that the store was so clean. Mary assisted me in picking out some fire 8ths and answered all my questions. Will def go back for more ♥️

    John English Avatar
    John English
    5/13/2022 - Google

    I have been here multiple times, and they are always on point. Mary Carmen helped us the last visit and was absolutely fantastic, but you could really work with.any bud tender and be successful! Highly recommend.

    Hismenia Contreras Avatar
    Hismenia Contreras
    5/03/2022 - Google

    This was an amazing experience because of the customer service! I like the set up and Ziri hooked it up 🙂

    nicki rapp Avatar
    nicki rapp
    5/01/2022 - Google

    Always a pleasure!
    I have been a customer at iLyfted for a few years now- I feel fortunate that the Studio City location is right by my job- but even if it weren't so convenient, I'd still make the effort. The selection is incredible and I appreciate the specials- from early bird to daily deals. The staff though, such a rad group of friendly and knowledgeable humans! I wish I knew all their names at this moment, but Mari has been helping me lately and she is wonderful! She knows her stuff and is relatable and sweet too. iLyfted is my favorite dispensary, for sure. Thank you for all you do!

    CNK Avatar
    4/30/2022 - Google

    Anthony G was the man!! I was trying to get a few different things but was trying to stay within a budget and my man went above and beyond to make sure I got every single item I wanted, the pack of 10 joints, the 1000MG syrup, and an 3.5 of flower! I truly appreciate all the help Anthony, you Made the experience amazing brotha 🤙🏼👍🏼 -Christian

    entcassandra Avatar
    3/03/2022 - Google

    Victoria is bomb such a great positive attitude and always so knowledgeable about her products! My experience is always amazing fantastic flower great service and always on point Victoria is great and it shows everyone is amazing along with the rest of the team! They have awesome knowledge and they also bring a spectacular atmosphere! Great products and such a nice place inside I definitely will be back this is definitely my new spot!

    Armin H Avatar
    Armin H
    2/25/2022 - Google

    The staff that runs the dispensary are all rockstars. I've been to probably every dispensary in the area prior to making iLyfted my only dispensary I go to. The first time I walked in I got greeted and treated with respect. Not the superficial kind of respect. Everyone is genuinely cool. You get the best deals around. There are discounts all throughout the week. The store is clean and always in order. You also earn cash points towards future purchases and it adds up pretty quickly. Always have vendors handing out free goodies as well. If you haven't been here I HIGHLY recommend it. 😉 You'll be happy you did.

    Вася Пупкин Avatar
    Вася Пупкин
    2/16/2022 - Google

    Great stuff and excellent staff. All the workers are knowledgeable on products, including security Tony and Gino. The manager is super friendly too. You can tell everybody is involved, great team. I only smoke prerolls, and they have a lot of different ones to choose from.

    nidia cruz Avatar
    nidia cruz
    2/16/2022 - Google

    I started coming about 3 months ago, and every time, everyone was wonderful. I had one or two times that's wasn't great.besides that, I love the week deals and the promos they have. Always remember to ask them, and they'll glad help you get what you're looking for. Thank you guys always! Gen has been very helpful every time I go in.

    Yak Em Down Avatar
    Yak Em Down
    2/14/2022 - Google

    Great store, awesome staff. and the prices are fair. I recommend this place to all of my friends.

    Ginger Model Avatar
    Ginger Model
    2/08/2022 - Google

    This gotta be the best weed shop in town! From security, to budtenders, to management! Ziry, Victoria, Mickey was so friendly and helpful! They are all sober, which is nice and refreshing for this business. The dispensary is large and clean. Their flower is displayed neatly. No mess, just artwork everywhere. Really cool design. If I were to shortly describe this place: it’s not ghetto.

    Krystyna Fiorella Avatar
    Krystyna Fiorella
    2/06/2022 - Google

    The shop is located in a nice area. There’s 7 eleven across the street for your munchies, there’s a liquor store next door. There’s are a bunch of residents nearby. You’re gonna have a great time! They have a lot to choose from at the dispensary. It’s clean and the staff is really nice!

    Christina Fiorella Avatar
    Christina Fiorella
    1/21/2022 - Google

    This location is great! Friendly and helpful staff. Looks really cool inside as well. They have a large variety of flower for you to choose from. I like it!

    brian marberry Avatar
    brian marberry
    1/13/2022 - Google

    Best Dispensary in LA!!! Amazing environment and super friendly staff!! Plus very affordable prices

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