Company news

iLYFTED, the premier provider of cannabis products, is excited to announce that it has signed music mogul Master P to produce a flower, edibles and concentrate product line. This product line will be exclusive to iLYFTED retail stores throughout the United States.

The new product line includes a variety of flower options including premium indoor-grown and outdoor-grown strains. Additionally, edibles in various flavors and forms are available as well as concentrated oils, waxes and shatter.

Master P brings his vast expertise in the music industry to help create an unforgettable brand experience for customers. With a focus on quality control and stringent testing procedures, customers can buy with peace of mind knowing that every product is safe for consumption.

This exciting collaboration between Master P and iLYFTED means that consumers now have access to even better products than before. These unique offerings add another dimension to iLYFTED’s commitment to providing top-quality cannabis products sourced from reputable suppliers all over the globe.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect place to purchase premium cannabis flower, edibles or concentrates, then look no further than an iLYFTED store near you! With Master P behind the brand, you know your shopping experience will be nothing short of exceptional at any iLYFTED location.