Dr. Norm’s was founded by the brother-sister team of Jeff Koz and Roberta Wilson.

Their dad was a beloved M.D. who gave special old-school care to every patient. While he had a sweet and gentle bedside manner, he also often flashed a wicked sense of humor, cracking jokes that left his patients in tears—of joy! The idea for Dr. Norm’s came from our experience in the traditional cookie industry. In 2012, a company was started in honor of the founder’s Mom. She spread love through her cookies and felt they were the best prescription for all that ails.

In fact, Dr. Norm’s cookies are based on her original secret recipes. Founders took the success had with their cookie brand (sold at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Costco, Stater Bros. & more) and brought it to the cannabis edibles market after seeing an opportunity to create a cookie that delivered a safe, delicious, and reliable experience every time.