1. “Know Your Dose”.

We want to change the perception of edibles in the cannabis space by promoting our mantra, “Know Your Dose”!  Our commitment to delivering delectable, bite-sized, reliable and consistently dosed products allows our patients to learn what dosage is perfect for them – insuring an optimal experience with our products every time. Education is key.

2. “Taste the Cookie, not the Cannabis”!

We strive to make products with as little weed taste as possible.This can only be achieved by using the purest and finest distilled THC extract. This costs us more, but because our mission is to make only delicious products, we feel that it is more than worth the expense.

We honor the legacy of our dad, the original Dr. Norm by caring about the well-being of our patients.

We imbue his healing powers, personable and caring ways and great sense of humor in all that we do. As Dr. Norm did, we treat people like family!


Dr. Norm’s was founded by the brother sister team of Jeff Koz and Roberta Wilson. We started the company in honor of our dad, Dr. Norm Koz. He was a beloved MD who gave very personalized “old school” care to his patients, whom he treated like family. His deep sense of caring about his patients’ well being is what inspired us to do the very same with the Dr. Norm’s Brand.

The idea for Dr. Norm’s came from our experience in the traditional cookie industry. We started a company 5 years ago in honor of our beloved Mom! A pharmacist by profession, but a baker by passion, she spread her love through her cookies and felt they were the best “prescription” for all that ails. In fact, our initial flavor “Chocolate Chip Therapy” is based on our mom’s actual recipe! Our line of cookies is sold at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Stater Brothers, Gelson’s and now Costco! We have the knowledge and experience of how to manufacture to scale and provide a top quality product to the traditional grocery industry.

With the growing popularity of medical cannabis products, we saw an opportunity to launch a brand that could potentially change the reputation of edibles in this space.

Most of us have a personal story or know of someone who has overdosed on cannabis products! Edibles get a bad rap due to the fact that people are not properly dosing and often ingest too much THC to have an enjoyable experience. We wanted to take the success we’ve had with our traditional cookie brand and bring it to the edibles market – but do it in a way that delivers a safe, delicious, and reliable experience every time. To that end, we decided to create “minis” that contained a perfectly measured dose in each bite-sized cookie. In fact, we coined the phrase, “Know Your Dose”™ which we put on our packaging and utilize in all of our marketing materials. In addition to providing delicious products, we feel it’s crucial to educate our patients on the importance of finding their perfect dose. This will insure that they have a positive experience with our products every time.

As we began our product development, we realized something rather startling about this industry. Most every edible product had a noticeable weed taste – some to a scary degree! This realization led us to a concept that distinguishes our brand. We strive to make products with as little cannabis taste as possible! We achieve this through the use of our proprietary, award winning THC extract. We infuse our cookies with a “clear”, distilled oil with a 91% potency (the same stuff used for shatter and higher quality vape cartridges). This superior extract has enabled us to make a delicious product with very little cannabis taste. We like to say, “Taste the Cookie, not the Cannabis!