Investing in research and education to ensure that the value cannabis has in society is fully respected, Moxie uses pharmaceutical level processes to produce superior quality, all natural cannabis concentrates and related products.

The first step is plant preparation and harvesting, beginning in a cultivation facility where the cannabis flowers are carefully cut from the root ball, placed into vacuum-sealed bags, labeled for tracking, and placed into a deep freezer to prepare for extraction. Once frozen, the product is weighed and transferred into stainless steel columns for processing.

The second step is extracting the cannabis plant’s oleoresin, which contains medicinal inorganic byproducts. Due to the polarity of the oleoresin, this light hydrocarbon process is extremely effective. It extracts three major byproducts from the plant — Cannabinoids Terpenes, and Plant Lipids. The result is an oil that can be consumed orally, inhaled, or applied topically. To extract these compounds, Moxie uses only the cleanest, safest, and most efficient processes.

The final step is vacuum degasification; this removes any remaining solvent from the cannabis oil. A vacuum pump continually evacuates the atmosphere of a vacuum purge oven, causing the vaporization point of the cannabis oil and solvent to decrease. Gentle heat is applied to the oven, evaporating any remaining solvent from the cannabis oil. This process continues for several days until all the solvent is removed. The result is clean, high-quality cannabis oil ready for safe consumption.

Moxie utilizes third party, peer-reviewed standard operating procedures and safety measures. Their commitment to safety exceeds industry standards, using NRTL certified equipment, as well as all of their lab directors being OSHA HAZMAT Certified.