So this is where we get to blow off a little steam. We want you to see inside the lab, to see how we do things. Warts and all. We’ve got nothing to hide. In fact, we’re proud of what we do and how we do it. We also want to talk about things we’re into. Music, art, surfing, politics, the business of weed. Some nice and polished, other stuff not so much.

We’re excited and a little nervous. Excited because this is the place we really get to be ourselves. Nervous because the stakes are high. We’re building a company in the hottest industry going. In California, the hottest cannabis market in the world. Somehow all this marketing seems riskier than the early days of running from the cops and trying not to get raided by the Feds.

But hey, you don’t get into the weed business because you’re into making safe choices.

Whatever—we love weed and we’re really good at making extracts. We’ve learned a ton since we started Jetty in San Diego in 2013…but we haven’t quite shaken that rebellious side. Sure, our logo and packaging got a little prettier so that we look good on store shelves. Hell, when dispensaries look more like Nordstrom than old school head shops, you better get with the times.

And we’re still the same old crew. Our founders are still here—Ron, Matt and Nate. That same pirate spirit is too. We’ve got about 100 people on the Jetty team now who pretty much feel the same way. And we make a shitload of oil. We deal with things like trying to go public. Then not (yep, we’re still private and family-owned). Complicated stuff we had to learn how to get good at. But in the end, we still make what we want to smoke, just like in the early days. If it ain’t good enough for Ron’s dad, we ain’t gonna make it.

Damn straight. Enjoy.