Bloom is one of Los Angeles’ original cannabis vape brands. We were founded in December 2014 by a group of five friends, all with complimentary skillsets, who had a shared vision of driving innovation in the fast-growing cannabis marketplace. Within three years, Bloom became Los Angeles’ number one brand and one of the top brands in California. Bloom’s ethos is authenticity and quality. Our goal is to consistently reproduce (modern) classic cannabis strains that are flavorful, familiar, and potent. We’re recreating the experience of smoking fresh indoor flower grown by the best cultivators in the world. We understand it’s not just the oil, but also the delivery mechanism that makes the vaping experience special.

We have continued to invest in our hardware; we’re currently on the fifth version of our vape cartridge and we’re still looking to improve on it. THE BLOOM WAY- Terpenes are religion.