100mg Shot – Tonik

TONIK is a THC-infused vitamin shot that comes packing with THC. Our products can be consumed on their own or mixed with other beverages to create new and unique blends. Rapid onset so that you’ll feel the effects sooner rather than later! TONIK’s cutting edge nano-infusion technology allows for industry leading onset times. Order Online

100mg Medible Mixer – Kan+Ade (Kanep Group)

Kan+Ade Medible Mixers are part medical cannabis, part fruity syrup, and all magic in a bottle. And you can find it at dispensaries across California. Using only all natural flavors and colors, Kan+Ade combines the finest cannabis strains into a hybrid blend that’s just right for the flavor and benefit we’re looking for. It’s a…

100mg MAX Mini Cookie Single – Dr. Norms

Introducing Dr. Norm’s MAX 100 – High Potency 100mg Gluten-Free Snickerdoodle Mini Cookie! Indica Effects with Valerian Root.• Finally, a delicious solution for the high tolerance cookie lover! Ten 10mg Doses, packed into one delectable mini cookie!• This product is for edible customers who want higher potency, but don’t want the extra calories, carbs and…

100mg Live Resin Gummies – Kanha

TASTE THE BLISS OF LIVE RESIN GUMMIES! KANHA and Buddies have teamed up to introduce our first Live Resin Gummy, featuring Buddies renowned Liquid Diamonds Live Resin and KANHA’s compelling flavors with fast-acting effects! These gummies reflect both companies’ values, uniting a commitment to high-quality products that represent the best of what cannabis has to…

100mg Krispy Bag – La Familia

This bag contains 10 bite sized rice krispie treats that tastes like delicious churro that are 10mg each. Ingredients include: rice, vanilla bean extractives in water, alcohol, sugar, corn syrup, salt, coconut oil, and cannabis extract (it is produced in a facility that uses peanuts) Order Online